Why I have a love/hate relationship with my UP by Jawbone

Photo courtesy of Frederik Hermann

Photo courtesy of Frederik Hermann

If you’re a wearable tech user like me, there are probably some things you love about your device… and some things that don’t quite live up to your standards.

I can’t speak for all wearable tech users, but from what I’ve seen, it looks like people use their device for a few weeks, but as the novelty wears off, the device mysteriously disappears from their wrist.

For anyone seriously considering buying a smart wearable device here are some things I love and don’t like about mine, the UP by Jawbone.

Love: It Gives You Goals
When you sync up your band with your smart phone, UP by Jawbone provides excellent feedback and tracking up the number of steps you took and the quality of your sleep. I love it though because it goes one step further and suggests challenges and goals you can opt into. For example, if it sees you are consistently making your normal steps gaol, it prompts you to push yourself even further by adding a few hundred extra steps. These challenges are great because you can opt-into them and test out whether you’re ready to set a new goal to strive towards.

↓ Dislike: The Feeling
I think UP by Jawbone feels tight on my wrist. Jawbone does make their band in different sizes to help provide a proper fit, but I still find it hard to forget that I am wearing the band and sometimes subconsciously take it off. I don’t blame Jawbone for this feature though because I believe it’s the best they can do with modern technology. If you don’t like anything weighty or constricting, then it might be worth waiting a year or so until newer, better quality wearable tech hits stores.

♥ Love: The Sleep Settings
My favorite feature hands down about the UP is its ability to monitor your sleep cycle and wake you up accordingly. I love power naps and regularly use the UP’s built-in nap function. Without it, I tend to sleep for too long or wake up drowsy, but the UP ensures I get the perfect 20 – 30 minute snooze. Moreso, it is much more pleasant to be woken up with a gentle vibration on the wrist than the sound of a traditional alarm. Added points because the silence doesn’t wake a sleeping partner.

↓ Dislike: The Charging Process
Whenever I stop wearing my UP, it’s because the battery had died, and I don’t charge it again. I have lost several chargers and sometimes it’s a while before I can only charge the device on my personal computer. Although this inconvenience may be stronger for me than others, I wish that Jawbone included wall chargers when the UP is purchased. Once charged, however, the band’s batter lasts for a week.

Overall, the Jawbone UP, like most wearable tech devices in their current form, is a great device to keep you aware of your wellness but not an essential to the Fit Geek’s life.


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