The app that knows when you’re girlfriend really isn’t ‘fine’

Researchers at Faunhofer IIS in Germany are currently developing an application for Google Glass that is able to detect and analyze emotions. The app is called SHORE, which stands for Sophisticated High-spec Object Recognition Engine, and allegedly its software can recognize both subtle and obvious emotions by reading facial expressions. SHORE can also predict the age of the person, plus or minus about a few years.

SHORE has tremendous real-world applications, especially aiding those with Autism to better recognize how people are feeling.

Although the software appears to have a long way to go before it is able to distinguish between emotions better than most humans, it does prompt a concern about privacy in the digital age. How will corporations or other people manipulate you when they are able to identify exactly who you are and how you’re feeling? Although SHORE only recognizes faces and emotions but not identities, it is not unthinkable that in the future information about your emotions could be sold to advertisers by a similar application.

Take a first-hand look at SHORE in the video below:


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