I switched to the Droid Side

If you’ve followed this blog, you know that I have a love for Apple products and accessories, but I did something this Holiday break that I didn’t think I’d ever do… switch to the Droid side.

That’s right, last month I traded in my beat up but somehow still functional iPhone 4s for a brand-spakin’-new second-generation Moto X. Although it’s taken some getting used to, I am happy to report the switch has not been too painful, and I am enjoying the new phone.

What caused the switch? Well, after breaking several iPhones and watching friends struggle through countless button and software issues, I decided to move to a sturdier phone. And for that, I love the Moto X. It’s curved back fits perfectly in my hand to help prevent drops. Plus, based on my own comparison, it’s built to outlast an Apple phone in terms of the phone’s quality. (Plus, it doesn’t bend when sat on. That’s right, I’m looking at you iPhone 6 plus.)

I also love the customizability of the Android OS. I can change launchers when I get bored of one, place my apps wherever I like on the screen, and set different default apps.

I must admit though, I do miss the seamless integration of Apple’s operating system. There’s something to be said about being able to use the phone right out of the box, regardless of whether you’re a tech expert or a 93-year-old grandmother.

In the end, I think whether Android or Apple is better is becoming more of a personal choice because both operating systems have a lot to offer. In my particular case, I may consider going back to Apple when my contract is up in a few years, but for now I am more than happy living life on the Droid side.


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