A Mouthguard That Can Detect Concussions

As I’m sure you very well know, concussions from playing contact sports can be dangerous, especially when players think they are fine and keep going. Luckily, there’s a new sports technology company that wants to help keep you, your friends, and your kids safe when playing a contact sport.

Force Impact Technologies (FIT) is working on a new mouthguard, appropriately called the FITguard, that can not only detect concussion-level impacts but can also push the data about the incident to a smartphone. That way, a coach or parent can check a player for a concussion, even if they want to just brush the hit off and keep playing.

The mouthguard is specifically designed for youth and has different settings based on the user’s age and gender. It also has an easy-to-read color system that changes color based on the force of the hit. Data about the impacts are also uploaded to FIT’s database to help improve the device as time goes on.

According to their website, the FITguard should be available for purchase early this year, but you may be able to beta test the mouthguard even earlier by becoming a Guardian.


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