What if you could beat the winter blues by changing your lights?

Lights – they are a modern marvel that allow us to work early in the morning and relax late into the night, but they can sometimes wreak havoc on your health. Today’s lights tend to have only two modes, on and off, which are helpful, but with all the technological advances, don’t you think we can be better? I do, and so does the Sunn team, who has invented a new type of light that mimics sunshine to help with everything from waking up in the morning to fighting the winter blues.

The Sunn light, as described on their website, is a “smart light fixture that brings the changing sun indoors.” It can be set to match the sun’s cycle outside or, if you’re in a place that is only getting limited sunlight, reflect the sun cycle of a more tropical location. The light then proceeds to change color according to the time of day.

Sunn also has an app that syncs with your phone, enabling you to wake up and wind down more naturally and helping to maintain your biological clock.

You can pre-order Sunn now starting for $289 on their website.


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