Your Three-Step Guide to Digital Detoxes

Image Courtesy of Mark van Laere

Image Courtesy of Mark van Laere

In an increasingly interconnected world with smart homes and smart cars, more people simply want a break from it all. A time where we can reflect upon the day and get back in sync with ourselves. In fact, unplugging was the fifth most popular New Year’s Resolution this year, according to Twitter. But, as technology becomes continuously integrated into our lives, how can we realistically take a break from it all and unplug from all the devices and screens?

  1. The first key is to smart small. Unlike with some other types of detoxes, we need technology to keep our lives running, so unplugging for days at a time is unreasonable for most people. Begin your detox by finding or creating occasions to ditch your phone and turn off the screens. Whether this is simply by turning off your devices at dinner once a week or powering down for the last hour of your day, decide on how long you want to go screen-free for. Even five minutes of unplugging can help to start build self-esteem and improve sleep.
  1. The second step to digital detox success is to come up with an action plan. It’s been proven that we are more likely to accomplish a goal by actually creating the day-by-day plan to follow. Since this is a digital detox, I recommend using some old-fashioned pen and paper to jot down how and when you’ll detox for the upcoming week or month, but if you need a buzzy reminder to power down, you can always block out the time on your digital calendars and to-do lists.
  1. The final step is to follow through. Even if you’re busy and need to get that email out before night’s end, powering down everything for a few minutes will still be a step in the right direction. When you’re powered down, do more than just check it off your list: journal, relax in a bubble bath,  take a walk in nature headphone free, or enjoy the conversation with the person your with.  In the end, isn’t that the point of a digital detox? To simply be mindful of the present before we go back to living in the digital.


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