New Tech Meets Old-School Cooking

Image courtesy of GE

Image courtesy of GE

GE finally made a stove that looks like it belongs in this century, complete with smartphone-inspired bells and whistles and induction heating to help keep you and your family safe.

The new induction cooktop, like most devices nowadays, is shying away from knobs and instead has touch-sensitive dials that respond to swiping and pressing. It also uses induction heating to warm cookware, keeping the actual stove cooler while the meal is cooking.

And if that weren’t enough, GE is also introducing a smart accessory for what the company describes as their ‘Next Gen’ cooktop – sous vide. The clip-on thermometer attaches to any old pot and communicates with the smart stove via bluetooth to heat the water to whatever temperature you desire. That way, you make a healthy, homemade dinner while finishing up some emails from the other room.

The induction cooktops will hit stores this May and range from $1,500 – $3,100, with the sous vide accessory retailing for an additional $150.


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