A Scale That Helps You Create the Perfect Meal

I’m going to be honest: I suck at cooking and baking. In fact, just last week I butchered macaroni and cheese. But there’s hope for me and everyone else who wants to improve their cooking and their health – a smart cooking assistant named Drop.

Drop is a scale and recipe app that helps you create perfectly baked dishes by informing you when you’ve put in just the right amount of ingredients. It can also adjust the recipe based on how much of an ingredient you have. That way, if you want a sweet treat but don’t want to splurge on too much, you can cut the recipe in half or even more.

Drop has a number of handy features that any baker, experienced or not, will appreciate, including single bowl recipes for easy clean up and smart scaling for when you’re running out of flour. Next on Drop’s list of features includes simple substitutions for when you’re lactose intolerant or simply running out of milk.

As for the app, it includes recipes for everything from sweet treats like tea cakes to healthy snacks such as cinammon-spiced granola.  The scale-app combo also has a smart system that automatically moves onto the next step once an ingredient has been added, allowing you to keep the ingredients in the bowl and not on your tablet. Unfortunately for Android and non-tablet users such as myself,  Drop currently only works on iPads (boo) but that will hopefully change soon.

Drop is available for $99.95 on their website.


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