Three Services That Help You Eat Healthy When Dining In

Image courtesy of David Woo.

Image courtesy of David Woo.

In honor of #NationalPizzaDay, we’re writing about three ways to get healthy food delivered straight to your door.

  1. Eat24, the beloved food delivery service, has gone healthy for the new year. They recently added an easy-to-see and incredibly cute pink heart next to better-for-you options.  Based off USDA recommendations, Eat24 helps you to pick healthier lunch and dinner choices when you don’t have the time to cook. (For added fun, check out their hilariously awesome Twitter account.)
  2. NatureBox, whose motto is ‘snack smarter,’ delivers wholesome snacks to your door each week. There are hundreds of snack options to choose from, including chocolate banana chips and jalepeno white cheddar popcorn. Each pre-packaged snack is under 200 calories/30g and has no hydrogenated oils, artificial colors, or added sulfites. You can try NatureBox for free on their website, and their snack plans start at $19.95/month.
  3. Sprig, which is located in San Francisco, delivers hot, healthy lunches and dinners within 20 minutes. That way, as you feel the lunchtime hunger pangs coming on, you can pull out the app and order before your hungry tummy leads you to the deliciously unhealthy food trucks waiting downstairs. Or is that just me? Sprig’s meals are designed by a former executive chef at Google and are created from locally-sourced foods.

Bonus: One start-up we’re keeping our eyes on is called Yumist, which recently raised another round of funding. Based out of India, Yumist delivers home cooked meals straight to your door. I think there’s a huge potential for the service in the U.S., so I’m excited to see if it makes it way to Silicon Valley and beyond.

Also, if you must indulge on pizza on #NationalPizzaDay, opt for a thin crust, extra sauce, light cheese, and tons of veggies for a surprisingly nutritious pie.

Look forward to a review next #MunchiesMonday about Google Express and Amazon Fresh, both of which deliver groceries straight to your door.

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