MIT is Reinventing the Power Cord

MIT’s Tangible Media Group is rethinking how we power our devices. The lab has invented a prototype that provides several new ways to interact with technology, just by playing the power cord.

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  1. Knotting for Detailed Control
    By tying a knot in MIT’s augmented cord, you can control just how bright your lights are. That way, by tightening or loosening the knot, you can dim or brighten the lights to the level of your exact choosing. Or, with multiple knots, you’d be able to change the colorof the lights.
  1. Pinching to Pause
    The prototype allows you to temporarily pause electronics with a simple pinch. That way, if you need to listen to something briefly and don’t want the next part of the podcast, simply pinch the headphones. Or, to put your computer into sleep mode, simply put paperclip-like pressure on the cord.
  1. Bending to Power On and Off
    MIT also images the whole cable acting as a switch. You are able to  turn electronics on and off by a quick bend of the cord, whether with your hands or feet.

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