Two Projects Joining the Competition to Win Your Face

Hope you’re having a lovely #WearablesWednesday! There’s been a lot of talk about wearables for you face, like hype building around Microsoft’s HoloLens and the recent announcement of Sony’s entry into the eyewear market. This week, we’re looking at two projects still in development that are joining the competition to be the wearables for you eyes.


  1. JINS Meme are glasses that focus on overall wellness instead of serving as a general media device. The frames track your eye movement and can relay when you’re happy to see someone, tired, or burning calories, according to their website. They also come in three different types: a full rim for hipsters; a half rim for the smarty pants; and giant sunglasses for people who want to spend money on a wearable they can’t use indoors. As of now, JINS Meme is still in the development phase, and they aren’t taking preorders. If you’d prefer to wear a set of glasses than a watch to track your fitness, then you might want to keep an eye out for these.
Image courtesy of EPFL press release.

Image courtesy of EPFL press release.

  1. A new glasses-contact combination, conventionally named Telescopic Contact Lens and Wink Controlled Glasses, allows you to zoom in almost 3x normal vision while you’re wearing the device. The zooming mechanism is controlled by a wink that the accompanying glasses register. The goal of the prototype is to help those with normal, aging vision be able to see things clearly that are further away.  It is currently being designed by researchers at Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne in Switzerland.

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