GeeksMe is the Wearable That Tracks Your Sex Life

Image courtesy of GeeksMe.

Image courtesy of GeeksMe.

Spanish company Geeksphone is breaking into the wearable tech market with GeeksMe, a band that can track your sexual performance.

GeeksMe comes with all the standard wearable features, including fitness monitoring, sleep tracking, and alerting you of incoming notifications, but that’s where it similarities with other trackers in the market comes to an end. The goal of GeeksMe is to make you a healthier, more productive human being, which is why Geeksphone included features to track your sexual performance and ecological footprint.

According to Google translate’s version of their Spanish-language website, GeeksMe believes that love is health and wants you to maximize your lovemaking potential by “knowing your performance” and “tracking your progress.” By “performance,” it is unclear to me if this is just for men, or if takes into account women’s needs to.  The website makes it seem that this feature is optional and private.

GeeksMe is also introducing another novel component, ecological footprint tracking. From what I was able to gather, it appears if the wearable will offer tips for how to reduce your footprint.

There is currently no set release date for the wearable. To learn more, I recommend checking out their website on Google Chrome, so you can see the translated version if you don’t know Spanish.

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