Battle of the Grocery Delivery Services: Google Express v. Amazon Fresh

Google Shopping Express icon.

Google Shopping Express icon.

As a regular grocery delivery service user, I can attest to the merits of both Google Shopping Express and Amazon Fresh. They save you oh so valuable time, and they saved me money by not purchasing unnecessary extras in grocery stores. Below I discuss the features of each service and give my personal preference.

It’s a tie for me. Both services leave your groceries directly at your doorstep, even if you’re not home. With Amazon Fresh you can also choose an exact time for the groceries to be brought straight to your kitchen.

Quality and variety of food
This depends on what you’re looking for. Google Express sources food from stores in your area but doesn’t deliver perishables like fresh fruits or meats, so you’ll still need to run out and get those each week. If a store is out of a particular item you ordered, you can opt for a replacement by either brand or variety.
Unlike Google, Amazon delivers fresh fruit and meats. The quality of the fresh food was good, but I can pick out better from my local produce grocer. Amazon Fresh also sources some food from local-only stores, which increases the diversity of its selection and helps local businesses.

Customer service
Google Express has excellent customer service. The one time my order was delivered to the wrong address, they immediately offered to either refund the whole order or to redeliver the next day.
Fortunately I haven’t had to deal with customer service for Amazon Fresh, so I can’t speak to their quality. However, if it’s anything like their website’s, I bet it is comparable to Google’s.

Amazon Fresh is steep at $299/year, but that price includes an Amazon Prime membership. The minimum order for free delivery is $35. Under that, you’re charged a $4.50 fee. Amazon also has an option to tip your delivery person. There is a one month free trial.
Google Express has two different payment options – $10/month or $95/year. Delivery is free on orders over $15; $3 free for orders under that. They discourage tipping, and they offer an unprecedented three month free trial.

Amazon Fresh packages their products with reusable bags, while Google Express uses paper and plastic. Google used to individually package certain items, but now groups them, helping to reduce waste.

Bonus features
Amazon Fresh has recipes listed on their site, so its incredibly easy to just find what you want to make and buy the ingredients all in one place. Plus, you can order other items like electronics to be delivered same day as well.

Personal preference
My delivery service of choice is Google Express. I love its customer service and price point. It’s perfect for my lifestyle of pre-planning meals and snacks but also loving to pick out my own fruit and meats from farmer’s markets and local grocers.
But that’s not to say it’s for everyone. Amazon Fresh has a lot of benefits, and if you’re already paying for Prime and want to get into easy recipe planning it could be a great option for you. Fresh is also the way to go for anyone who never wants to run to the grocery store again.

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