Magic May Be The Closest Thing We Have To A Genie

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Magic is a new text message-based service that can procure whatever your heart desires – from a pizza to a tiger. As long as you’re willing to pay and what you want is legal, Magic will do everything within its power to run your errands, book you a flight, get some food delivered straight to your door, or help you with whatever else you can think of.

Don’t believe me? Just try it. Text “Magic” to 408-2171721 with your request. Your wish will be answered by a human, not a robot, who will let you know what they can do to help fulfill your desire. They’ll also be sure to clarify the final total with you before you purchase in case you change your mind.

Although Magic is based out of Silicon Valley, the service is available anywhere in the U.S. Magic was created by Plus Labs, a Y Combinator startup.

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