Moov Is a Personal Trainer Disguised As A Wearable

Mood used as a cardio boxing coach.

Moov monitors your fitness and suggests how to improve.

It’s another #WearablesWednesday from Crunch Theory. Today I’m talking about Moov, the fitness tracker extraordinaire that puts other exercise wearables to shame.

Moov is a wearable that brands itself as a personal fitness trainer. The wearable, which is beautifully designed, can be worn around the wrist, ankle, or placed on shoes depending on your activity.

Moov is waterproof and can be used while swimming.

Moov is can be used while swimming.

Moov not only monitors your activity through common exercises like running, cardio boxing, and swimming, but it also offers suggestions to improve your fitness level and technique. For example, it can correct a golf swing or a running stride for optimal performance.

The fitness tracker was crowd funded over a year ago but is back in the headlines this week for adding a seven-minute workout feature. Like its other exercise apps, the seven-minute workout adjusts to what you can do, and then provides opportunities for you to level up as you increase your skill.

In honor of the new release, Moov is currently discounted on their website and on Amazon.

Most of the reviews on Amazon praise the wearable; one user even calls it “life changing.” With 4.5 stars, it outshines its direct competitors like the Fitbit Charge or Misfit Shine. Although one major drawback is that it does not feature sleep tracking.

 What do you think of Moov? Share in the comments below!

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