Why Pebble Time Is Such A Big Deal

Pebble Time is a yet-to-be-released smart watch that just keeps smashing records.

Last week, it became the fastest project ever to raise $1 million on Kickstarter, which it did in about 30 minutes, and this week it became the most funded project in Kickstarter history. Oh – and they met their $500,000 goal in 15 minutes. Talk about public enthusiasm.

But what is it about Pebble Time that people are wanting to put money down now, especially when the release of the Apple Watch is just around the corner?

Pebble Time and Pebble Time Steel include the best features of the original Pebble smart watches, including a whopping seven day battery life and water resistance. You can also still download your favorite apps, like Run Keeper, Evernote, ESPN, and Pandora.

However, they’ve stepped it up quite a bit since the original and added features that may be able to detract some users from the Apple Watch.

  • Smartstraps – This is a feature that I’m very excited about. Pebble Time has the ability for third parties (or anyone with a 3D printing capabilities) to develop high-tech bands for their watch. With this feature, you may be able to use Pebble Time as a fitness band and then switch it out with a solar-powered changing band when the juice runs low.
  • Timeline – Pebble has been advertising their new timeline feature like crazy. Using the three buttons on the side of the watch, you can scroll between events in the past (like the score from last night’s game), the present (like a call from your mother), and the future (like the meeting that starts in an hour). The goal is to make the watch work for you when you need the settings the most, based around the linear time that we live in.
  • Color – Unlike the original, the Pebble time has a clear, color display.
  • Resigned for comfort – The new Pebble smart watch is redesigned to be lighter and thinner than the original. It’s also curved to fit comfortably onto your wrist.

You can pre-order Pebble Time for $179 on their Kickstarter page or Pebble Time Steel for $250. The new watches are expected to be delivered in June.

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