LivBlends Is Making A “Keurig” For Smoothies

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LivBlends is a company that wants to revolutionize the smoothie industry. It already offers a smoothie-delivery service to the San Francisco Bay Area, and now it’s making an innovative smoothie maker.

Their upcoming pod-based, 30-second smoothie maker is essentially a Keurig for smoothies. Using single-portion pods, the LivBlends machine mixes fruits, veggies, seeds, and nuts to make healthy smoothies at the touch of a button. The machine itself is self-cleaning, according to their website, and it blends up at-home versions of the smoothies that they deliver.

The smoother maker is still in development, and it will be a new foray for LivBlends, who currently operates a smoothie-delivery service. For a surprisingly reasonable price, LivBlends delivers full and snack size smoothies that pack in essential nutrients to locations around the San Francisco Bay Area. The catch is that you must buy a monthly subscription with at least one smoothie delivered each week, and a minimum of 10 smoothies delivered to waive their $5 delivery fee.

There is no news about when their smoothie maker will be released, but, as a big smoothie fan, I’m hoping it’s sooner rather than later. You can sign up to get updates about the product’s status on their website. As for their smoothie delivery service, if you live in the Bay, you can sign up for an early morning or late morning delivery also on their website.

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