GDC 2015: The Mobile Game That Turns Playgrounds Into Video Games

Biba is an app that encourage kids to get active through an augmented reality game. So long as they have a parent or guardian with a smartphone nearby, kids can turn an ordinary playground into a digital, interactive game.

Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of

Biba is set in a world of cute, colorful robot aliens whose playground spacecraft crash landed on Earth. Like any game, kids can learn about their simulated environment and unlock rewards by playing, and Biba is no exception. As they play, kids will find out more about why the robots came to Earth in the first place.

The app is optimized to work with PlayPower playground equipment, but it can also be used at any playground near you. Although if you can find a PlayPower playground, the app unlocks deeper gameplay experiences.

App creator Zeros 2 Heroes demoed Biba at the Game Developers Conference last week. It is expected to launch soon in the Apple App and Google Play stores, and the game with be both free to download and to play.

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