We’re One Step Closer To Computers That Wrap Around Your Wrist

The Neptune Hub may be the closest thing we have to a curved computer.

The Neptune Hub, top, may be the closest thing we have to a highly curved computer.

Researchers have invented a film that keeps its electric and magnetic properties even when highly curved, which is a technical way of saying that we just moved one step forward to creating bendable computers. This is a big deal for the wearable community, which is generally limited to keeping bands relatively straight, especially with more detailed devices like the Pebble Time or Apple Watch. That’s why I’m going into detail the new film for this #WearableWednesday.

Electronic devices have shrunk drastically, which is why a device that fits comfortably in your hand has more processing power than computers built in entire rooms did years ago. The problem is that most materials with useful electronic properties for computers are rigid, posing a challenge for most scientists but not for a team of South Korean physicists and engineers.

The researchers addressed this problem by taking tiny bits of materials like silicon and embedding them in flexible plastics. This new discovery could lead to improved wearables or even smart attire, the authors said.

Before the new films make their debut in wearable tech, the researchers are working to further improve their properties, as well as exploring even more flexible materials.

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