Go GoBe And Never Count Calories Again

The GoBe is the only automatic calorie counter.

The GoBe is the only automatic calorie counter.

The promise seems too good to be true – wear a band and never have to count calories again. And perhaps it is, but if “independent” studies are to be believed, then HealBe’s GoBe may be the most innovative wearable yet.

The GoBe is expected to ship March 2015.

The GoBe is expected to ship March 2015.

While the GoBe looks bulkier than something that I’d ordinarily want to wear around all day, the fact that it automatically tracks your calories consumed and burned as well as your sleep makes it one of the best bands about to hit the market. Using three different sensors, the band can also measure your activity level, heart rate, blood pressure, and stress levels.

The feature that really differentiates GoBe from the rest is its ability to automatically measure calories, carbs, fat, and protein consumed without you inputting anything. The band does this by measuring water, which is released with other fluids when your cells absorb glucose.

As you may know, after you eat, the body starts converting food to glucose. Using an impedance sensor and an algorithm, the band can measure the amount of glucose in your body based on the amount of fluid moving in and out of your cells.

Healbe FLOW Technology

HealBe claims the GoBe can accurately measure 84% to 93% of your calories consumed and burned, which is more accurate than self-tracking. In a blog post, HealBe said it had the band checked from an independent company, but did not reveal particularly detailed data about what the studies involved.

As always I’m skeptical about those claims, and I’m not the only one. Until the GoBe is out and can be tested by truly independent researchers willing to release the full data, I’m going to remain healthily skeptical about its ability to automatically measure calories consumed.

Hopefully, though, we won’t have to wait too long before some independent researchers can get their hands on the device. HealBe, which raised over $1 million on their Indiegogo campaign, begins shipping next month.

You can pre-order their silver on black band for $299 or their special edition black on black band for $349.

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10 thoughts on “Go GoBe And Never Count Calories Again

  1. crunchtheory says:

    I personally hope this will be a great “V2” device – one that has great intentions and functionality, but gets very much improved features and design in the second version.

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