mySugr Gamifies Diabetes Management

Image courtesy of mySugr.

Image courtesy of mySugr.

mySugr is a series of websites and apps that help you ‘tame your diabetes monster’. The company, many of whose employees have diabetes themselves, uses educational entertainment to help people learn about and manage their diabetes.

Their suite of products include:

  • A diabetes logbook aptly named Logbook that helps keep track of blood sugar, meals, and emotional states.
  • Importer uses your smartphone’s camera to automatically capture your data from your meter, and then save and transfer it to Logbook.
  • Type 2 diabetes online training course Academy, which uses videos, tips, and tricks to help those newly diagnosed with the condition to learn manage it.
  • Junior helps caregivers and children with diabetes to manage the condition together. As mySugr’s website says, “Monster feedback and rewards motivate and gladden little hearts.”

mySugr is based out of Austria and is still growing. In the past week it raised $4.8 million to continue to expand its product line and customer base.

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