The Wearable To Communicate With Your Dog


Researchers at North Carolina State University are working on a dog harness that will allow us mere humans to communicate with our furry, four-legged friends. The vest-like harness rests on the canine’s back and is equipped with varies technology to help us interpret dogs’ behavioral cues and respond in a way they understand.

The device can monitor a dog’s behavior even when he’s not in sight, and owners can even remotely respond to their pet through a series of speakers and vibrations. The harness also includes additional sensors like a body temperature and heart rate monitor to measure Fido’s physical and emotional well-being.

And if that wasn’t enough, the researchers are also adding other features to the harness for working canines and puppies. The harnesses for search and rescue dogs include a carbon monoxide detector, and they are working on minimizing the technology to help with training pups.

The harness is still in the research stage, but I believe it’s likely we will see more technology like the harness being commercially released in the next few years.

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