Learn To Cook With Gifs (And Pictures)

KitchenBowl shows you how to make recipes step-by-step.

KitchenBowl shows you how to make recipes step-by-step.

Although you can’t eat them like Jif peanut butter, gifs can still be a handy tool when learning to cook meals for the first time. That’s why Kitchenbowl is a great startup for those who want to try making something new in the kitchen.

The website, which raised $1 million in funding last week, shows you how to cook meals step-by-step with pictures and gifs. The images help to make sure you’re following more complicated recipes to a tea.

A step of ethanstowell's homemade gnocchi recipe.

A step of ethanstowell’s homemade gnocchi recipe.

A good example is a featured recipe for homemade gnocchi. The instructions show you how to do things like mill potatoes using a gif, which not only looks cool, but also taught me what the fudge a food mill was and how to use it.

And if you’re a cooking pro or perhaps just an enthused amateur, you can create your own recipes with pictures and gifs to post on the site. It also works like a social network, where others can like and share your recipes.

Kitchen bowl launched last November and was rated as one of the best new apps in December 2014. You can download for the app from the App Store or check out recipes from their website.

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