The Wearable To Control Your Stress

The neuma biowatch helps track and manage the stress of daily life. Image courtesy of Amy McTigue.

The neuma biowatch helps track and manage the stress of daily life. Image courtesy of Amy McTigue.

Mental health has been a hot button issue lately, and while there are plenty of apps and devices that independently tackle stress, most don’t take into account the whole mental picture. Neumitra is different. It was created to help people identify and manage the effects of daily life on brain health, which is why it’s the focus of this week’s #WearableWednesday.

Neumitra is a company that is the brain child of three men who met in a MIT Neurotechnology Ventures class (I love that there’s a class for that!). According to their website, the founders saw firsthand that discussions of mental health were stigmatized and minimized in questions of overall health and performance. They wanted to change that.

Enter the neuma biowatch. The watch constantly measures your nervous system to see how you naturally handle the stress of daily life, and then sends you alerts when you physiology begins to change in accordance to the stress.

It uses a stress score to quantify your mental health by monitoring when your fight or flight response is activated. To do this, it constantly gathers data from your skin, the temperature, and motion.

There are two downsides to the functionality of the neuma biowatch. First, it doesn’t analyze sleep, but for a good reason. Because the device is primarily used in research, the founders want to make sure that any data that influences your stress score is doing so for clinically proved reasons. Since sleep isn’t fully understood by the scientific community, the band will only show how you sleep relative to others, including those who report similar daily activities.

Secondly, it just works with iOS. Boo.

The watch is primarily marketed toward researchers as an easy way to gather data from their participants on-the-go. It’s also targeted at clinicians and companies, but if you really want to, you can buy the neuma biowatch for a stress-inducing $1,500.

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