3 Apps That Train Your Brain

Memorado is one of many brain training apps. Image courtesy of Memorando.

Memorado is one of many brain training apps. Image courtesy of Memorando.

This #FitnessFriday, I’ll be delving into three apps that train one of your most important organs, the brain.

Image courtesy of Lumosity.

Image courtesy of Lumosity.

#1 Lumosity is the brain-training software you’re probably most familiar with. Its games are accessible from multiple devices, and they are fun, albeit a bit repetitive. Luminosity also tracks your progress as you improve things like memory, attention, speed, flexibility, and problem solving. It has a limited free version, and subscriptions range from $3.75/month to $11.95/month based on the amount of time you sign up for.

Screenshot of Elevate on the iTunes App store.

Screenshot of Elevate on the iTunes App store.

#2 Elevate was named as Apple’s 2014 App of the Year and for good reason. The current version has 5 stars and lots of happy customers. Like Luminosity, it’s personalized brain training with categories for things like focus, brevity, and memory. Unlike Luminosity, you can pick the skills you want to improve for your personalized training program. The app is downloadable on the App store and has a pro version if you want to spend an extra around $5. It also has in-app purchases.

Image courtesy of Memorando.

Image courtesy of Memorando.

#3 Newcomer Memoranda just raised $3.3 million Series A funding. Although is it a newcomer, since the Russian-based start-up is already kicking butt and taking names in other parts of the world? Like the others, it tracks and helps you improve various categories, including memory, logic, reaction, and speed. The games are fun, but, again, you can only play a limited number of games and see a limited number of stats without the premium version. A subscription costs anywhere from $5.36/month to $20.40/month depending on the length of time you choose to purchase for.

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