The Coolest Clock Is Wrapping Up Its Indiegogo Campaign

Image courtesy of Coolest Clock.

Image courtesy of Coolest Clock.

Is the Coolest Clock the coolest clock? Perhaps. This customizable clock is a projection system and one of the more revolutionary time-keeping devices in recent years.

The Coolest Clock doesn’t look like much before it’s turned on – just a plain, white semicircle. But once it’s attached to a wall and powered up, the clock displays much more than just the time.

Using a projection system, the clock displays real-time information, including the weather, breaking news, calendar alerts, and social media updates. It also includes various, customizable displays that can also change size so that the clock adjusts to your needs and preferences.

The clock is controlled by a smartphone app, so that the display can be easily changed. It can also display information from your device, like your location or your latest photos to help you stay connected with loved ones when you’re away from home.

The Coolest Clock is wrapping up its Indiegogo campaign this week. It’s already been successfully funded (by far), but you have a few days left to pre-order the clock for $199, which is $100 off future retail prices. The clock is expected to ship at the end of 2015.

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