Meld Makes Your Stove Smart

Meld takes the guess work out of cooking.

Meld takes the guess work out of cooking.

Meld turns your ‘dumb’ stove into a lean, mean, cooking machine. By simply changing your stove’s knob, Meld can make sure your food cooks at just the right temperature.

Meld is an automatic temperature control system that works with your existing cookware to monitor and control temperature throughout cooking. That way, you can use your ordinary pot as a slow cooker or to perfectly simmer your dinner.

The system consists of a clip, knob, and smartphone application. The clip, which can monitor your pot’s temperature, attaches to your current cookware. Then, by replacing your stove’s nob with a Meld one, the smart knob can make sure your food cooks at just-the-right temperature. Finally, the app can tell you exactly what temperature your food is at, when it’s time to start or stop a dish, and has hundreds of recipes just for the system.

The company’s website says Meld can be used for slow cooking, frying, poaching, sous vide, simmering, and candy making, but I’m sure you can find other creative ways to use the system. And if for some reason you want to cook the old-fashioned way every once in a while, you can use the Meld knob like any other knob simply by not using the clip.

Meld is currently in the middle of a Kickstarter campaign, and it’s already blasted past its $50,000 goal. You can preorder the system from their campaign page for $129 (it’s expected to retail for $149), and preorders ship in the fall.

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