First V1sion Is The Tee That Broadcasts Your Life

Image courtesy of First V1sion.

Images courtesy of First V1sion.

Spanish start-up First V1sion has created a high-tech shirt that broadcasts your POV. The wearable is designed as a broadcasting tool for people to see what it’s like on the court/field of your favorite sports team.

First V1sion is a sports tee with a camera that can broadcast high-definition picture. It’s designed to be worn underneath jerseys, so the audience can see what it’s like on the field.


The product was a finalist at Intel’s 2014 Make It Wearable competition, and just last month two professional sports players (footballer/soccer payer Andrés Iniesta and basketballer Serge Ibaka) became faces for the company. First V1sion also partnered with Euroleague basketball this season.

The idea of a court-side view of the game is intriguing, but early footage looks choppy, which is to be expected from all of the movement. The video quality, though, looks on-par with other broadcast footage.

I can see how player POV could be a nice feature to second-screen when watching games, or for replays of particularly noteworthy moments. I also can see how First V1sion could integrate other tech into the tee, so viewers at home can see stats of their favorite players like heart rate, steps taken, or max speed.

If you want your own First V1sion wearable, you can shoot an email from their website for a quote. Or, if you think it’s the next-big-hit in wearable tech and/or sports broadcasting, you can invest in the company through global funding website, Do note though that First V1sion has already extended its campaign, and while they do have some snazzy ads and a catchy slogan #BeTheBrave, there is still speculation about whether their novel idea will take off big time.

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