Have A Fever? STEMP Sends You A Notification.

STEMP automatically monitors a sick child's temperature. Images courtesy of STEMP.

STEMP automatically monitors a sick child’s temperature. Images courtesy of STEMP.

I didn’t think the thermometer was outdated… until I saw STEMP. STEMP is the smart temperature patch that is changing the way we take our temperatures. It sticks on like a bandaid and can continuously monitor your temperature or that of a loved one.

The founders of STEMP are parents who wanted a better way to look after their sick children instead of getting up to take their temperature every hour. So they created a digital sensor with a disposable stick-on patch that alerts parents when a child’s temperature spikes or drops.

STEMP is waterproof and adheres like a bandaid.

STEMP is waterproof and adheres like a bandaid.

The sensor uses bluetooth to push notifications to your phone (currently only for iPhones). It also has an app tracks temperatures over time. The data can be saved or shared with someone like a physician or caregiver.

Although STEMP is kid-friendly (aka waterproof), anyone can use it. The STEMP founders believe the patch can be valuable to those who need to monitor a chronic condition, are trying to conceive, care for elderly, or just want to monitor their everyday health.

As many of you know, I’m a skeptic until I read the reviews, but STEMP is already on its way to proving itself. It was the winner for personal health at the 2015 CES Everyday Health Awards for Innovation , a finalist for digital health and life science technologies at the 2015 SXSW Innovation Accelerator, and a finalist for the 2014 USAID Fighting Ebola Innovation Accelerator.

The public must believe in STEMP, too, because it just wrapped up a successful Indiegogo campaign yesterday. The funds will be used to manufacture STEMP, create Android and iPad/Apple Watch compatibility, and more. Pre-ordered patches are expected to ship this fall.

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