In 10 Years Your Kitchen May Not Have A Fridge Or Stove

Screenshot of the Table For Living video on Vimeo.

Screenshot of A Table For Living video on Vimeo.

In August 2013, IKEA and IDEO brought students from various international universities together to answer some important questions: What will life around food look like in 2025? Will we be able to help people like healthier, more sustainable lifestyles?

It was up to the students to re-imagine life and the kitchen in 10 years.  In the end, the students’ ideas were featured on the collaboration’s website, Concept Kitchen 2025. The students share a very interesting and optimistic view of where we’ll be in the next decade. Below are two that are particularly mind-blowing.

A Table For Living
What is A Table For Living? One that acts a phone charger, kids toy, stove top, coffee warmer, and tablet, of course. The students who designed this concept table really imagined it as being the center of kitchen life and functional in many, practical ways.

The Table For Living can do quite a bit, including suggesting recipes based on the food items you place on it. You can also pick a meal you want to make, and the table will project various versions of the recipe based on your ingredients, and how long you want to spend cooking. Oh – and the designed table also measures out some foods for you.

In addition to being your new cooking helper, the table is designed to have induction built into the top, so that you can cook food as you’re making and prepping it – right on the same surface.  It can also charge phones or serve as a way for kids to animate their toys.

‘Casual Technology’ Shelving
What if your kitchen shelves kept your food cool? Well, in another design to come out of the program, they can.

The ‘Casual Technology’ shelving uses storage containers that can be cooled using induction, meaning that you may not need a fridge in 2025. Just place your food and beverages inside the boxes, and the shelves can keep them at just the right temperature.

Even better, the containers are designed to work with the Table For Living so that you can grab that piece of leftover pizza from the shelf and heat it up in its container right on the table. Now that sounds convenient.

I encourage you to check out other concepts from that came out of the program. Although these technologies will probably not make it to the consumer in their current forms, IDEO and IKEA do know how to get things done, and in 10 years, we may see products similar to these in our kitchens.

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