Researchers Created A Treadmill That Sucks Less

The new treadmill changes pace automatically. Image courtesy of Military Health.

The new treadmill changes pace automatically. Image courtesy of MilitaryHealth.

Let’s face it – running on treadmill sucks. You’re in one place, looking at the same things, and, well, it’s just not the same as running outdoors. But researchers from Ohio State have created a treadmill that sucks a little bit less – it changes pace with you.

This may not seem like much, but the new treadmill is designed to match how we naturally run. When you’re outdoors or on a track, you can change pace without even thinking about it, but if you do so on a treadmill, you find yourself hitting the top or close to the edge. Not anymore.

The automated treadmill uses sonar to tell where you are on the belt and adjusts automatically. If you pick up speed and get closer to the front, it speeds up with you, and if you slow down, it does to.

My only question is – why did nobody do this sooner?

“If you’re running outside and you want to speed up or slow down, there is no button to push. It is the same with this new automated treadmill,” Steven T. Devor, associate professor of kinesiology at OSU and one of the treadmill’s developers, said in a press release.“It is seamless and feels completely natural. You just go.”

The treadmill is now a final prototype and in the process of being patented. Devon said it should be ready for commercialization soon.

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