Standing Desks May Be Coming To A Classroom Near You

Standing desks are becoming more popular at offices, and now they're coming to schools.

Standing desks are becoming more popular at offices, and now they’re coming to schools.

The traditional classroom is getting a redesign at one California elementary school. Beginning next school year, all of the classrooms will have standing desks.

Standing desks have been shown to increase focus and burn more calories, making them a popular substitution for a traditional desk at forward-thinking workplaces. That got two health-focused, entrepreneurial parents wondering why their kids didn’t have standing desks at school, so they spearheaded an effort to put standing desks in some classrooms.

They succeeded, and four classes at Vallecito Elementary in San Rafael, CA, got standing for this school year. The desks have a “fidget bar” underneath that kids can rest their foot on and swing, and kids can grab a stool if they’re tired. The students also don’t stand all day and sit for certain activities like lunch or specific lessons.

Teachers, kids, and parents seem to be enjoying the change-of-pace, and most students stand the whole day. Teachers say that kids are able to focus better, and parents report that kids are sleeping better, according to a Daily News article.

In fact, the test-run has been so successful that the school is putting standing desks into all of the elementary school’s classrooms next year. And those two parents who started the effort? They’re now running an organization called Stand Up Kids with the goal of putting standing desks in every school

What do you think – would you want your kids to have standing desks? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook or Twitter.

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