Sickweater’s Watch App Helps You Not Get Sick

The iPhone and Android app Sickweather isn’t new. Since 2011, it has been tracking data to find out what bugs are spreading in real-time and then alerting users in the U.S. who are entering a “sick zone.” Now, the company is taking its “Waze for sickness” functionality one step further by adding a feature that determines your sickness risk.

The feature is aptly called SickScore, and it uses information from the sick zones around you to let you know what your chances of getting sick are. Based on Sickweather’s data, it places you at low, medium, or high risk, and it also provides a numerical value.

If you are traveling through sick zones or have an elevated risk, the watch app can help you stay healthy by making sure you wash your hands for the recommended 20-seconds and buzzing to let you know when time’s up. The Apple Watch app also has features from the smartphone application, including push notifications when you’re entering a sick zone.

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