ETE is the plate for better portion control

There are so many expensive calorie-counting, eating pace-controlling devices and apps out there now, but a new plate sticks to simple lines to help you eat healthier. ETE is a well-designed plate that keeps things old-school by using visual markers to make sure you’re eating well-balanced portions.

The plate, which was created by a Singapore-based team, has colorful lines that outline the ideal portion of food items per meal based on U.S. and European Union recommendations. The lines help people to visualize how much of certain things they should be eating. This is especially noticeable for vegetables, which are often absent from many meals.

ETE is designed to serve as a guide though rather than an ultimatum for every meal; as such, certain things, like dairy, are noticeably absent.

ETE plate is currently in the middle of its Indiegogo campaign, with over one-fifth of its funds raised in the first few days. One plate currently starts at $15 for the early bird price.


Now There Is A Pizza Vending Machine

Let's Pizza is a pizza vending machine. Image courtesy of Let's Pizza.

Let’s Pizza is a pizza vending machine. Image courtesy of Let’s Pizza.

An Italian company called Let’s Pizza has launched a vending machine that can create a pizza from scratch in two and a half minutes flat. Now that’s what I call fast food.

The machine kneads, stuffs, leavens, and cooks your pizza almost instantly, and the pie is served on a cardboard box. It currently comes with five different types of pizzas programmed, including classics Margherita and Pepperoni.

Although pizza is not the healthiest food choice to say the least, Let’s Pizza does advertise on its website that its pizzas are light, healthy,  and well, of course, delicious. While I don’t know how accurate it is to call a pizza light or healthy, Let’s Pizza’s pies are thin-crusted, so that alone makes them healthier than most. According to their website, each pie has an average of 676 calories.

According to a Fast Company article, the machine’s founder had the idea for the machine while visiting a U.S. food court. As of now, there’s no date as to when these pizza-making machines will hit the U.S.

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