Tips To Stay Fit At Any Age [Infographic]

Image courtesy of USAG- Humphreys.

Image courtesy of USAG- Humphreys.

Did you know that childhood obesity spikes in the summer months. Without recess or P.E., some children will stay put instead of getting the exercise their bodies and minds need. And as we get older, we still need activity, but the best types for us may change.

With that in mind, Bankers Healthcare Group, a company that offers financial solutions for healthcare professionals, decided to informally poll the health and fitness blogosphere to see what advice the community had for keeping fit at any age.

As part of its initiative to get people moving, they compiled the responses into one handy (and good looking) infographic with some interesting information. For example, it breaks down types of suggested activities by age range, as well as the benefits of each.

See the infographic below or visit the Bankers Healthcare Group’s blog post to learn more.

Image courtesy of Banker's Healthcare Group.


Women’s Health Week: One Inspiring Organization and 5 Tips To Make Your Well-Being A Priority

Image courtesy of Heather Dowd.

Image courtesy of Heather Dowd.

Happy Women’s Health Week! I think everyone would say that health is a priority, but sometimes it can slip on your to-do list, especially you have 10 million other things going on. Women’s Health Week, which is celebrated May 10 – 16, is the perfect opportunity to make your well-being a priority again.

One key way to keep physically and mentally fit is to exercise, but women are half as likely to have exercised throughout their lives compared to men, according to a March survey. The results are a little depressing, so this Fitness Friday, we are profiling the organization This Girl Can, which wants to empower women of all ages, shapes, and sizes to get and stay active.

This Girl Can is based out of the U.K. wants women to realize that fear of judgement is not a reason avoid exercise. The organization’s social media channels provides encouragement for women across the globe who breaking a sweat.

The website itself features stories of women and their exercise of choice. And if you need to find your new favorite type of workout, This Girl Can has an A to Z guide that has details about different sports, how much they cost, what equipment they need, and why it’s good for you.

Want to make whole-body fitness a priority? Here are 5 tips.

  1. Meditate daily. It can only be 5 or 10 minutes, but it’s worth it. Meditating gives you the time, focus, and energy to get everything done on in your day. If you have to, get an app to remind you and stick to it. Learn more about meditation here.
  2. Find a workout you enjoy. I don’t care if you’ve been told crossfit/cycling/hot yoga/etc is the new, hottest, best workout. If you don’t like it, try something else. There are plenty of different types of exercise and don’t give up until you find one that works for you. After all, if you enjoy it, you’re more likely to stick with it. (Bonus points if you have a workout buddy.)
  3. See your doctor annually. It’s so easy to prioritize everyone’s health above your own, but taking the time to take care of yourself pays off in the long run. If absolutely have no time, consider using an e-service like Maven.
  4. Audit your eating. You don’t have to count every single calorie that goes down your throat, but you should take an audit every once in a while to make sure you’re on track. Use an app or look at the USDA’s recommended food plate, and see how close you’re coming to the guidelines. If you’re way off, think about ways to incorporate healthier foods into your day or consider a delivery service.
  5. Have fun! It’s 100% necessary to relax, indulge, laugh, and play. Have a cheat day, skip some chores, go on an adventure. If you try to live completely health-conscious 24/7, chances are it’ll end up stressing you out. Everyone needs a break sometimes; give yourself permission to let loose and have some fun every now and then.

What’s your favorite way to get and stay fit? Have another tip? Let us know in the comments.

Pulse Play Is The Wearable For Racket Sports

Pulse Play lets you focus on the game, not the score. All images and screenshots are courtesy of Pulse Play and their Indiegogo campaign.

Pulse Play lets you focus on the game, not the score. All images and screenshots are courtesy of Pulse Play and their Indiegogo campaign.

Pulse Play was created by three-time tennis champion Andy Ram who wanted to give amateur players the ability to focus on the game and not the score, just like the pros. It also has the distinction of being featured in the first ever Crunch Theory Wearable Wednesday video. Check it out below!

Pulse Play is wearable meets app meets social network, allowing those who play racket sports to meet up and compete with others in the area. It also keeps score, which it pushes to mobile devices, so that you can always reference the points when needed.

One band goes for $75 on the company’s Indiegogo campaign, with orders expected to ship out later this year.

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First V1sion Is The Tee That Broadcasts Your Life

Image courtesy of First V1sion.

Images courtesy of First V1sion.

Spanish start-up First V1sion has created a high-tech shirt that broadcasts your POV. The wearable is designed as a broadcasting tool for people to see what it’s like on the court/field of your favorite sports team.

First V1sion is a sports tee with a camera that can broadcast high-definition picture. It’s designed to be worn underneath jerseys, so the audience can see what it’s like on the field.


The product was a finalist at Intel’s 2014 Make It Wearable competition, and just last month two professional sports players (footballer/soccer payer Andrés Iniesta and basketballer Serge Ibaka) became faces for the company. First V1sion also partnered with Euroleague basketball this season.

The idea of a court-side view of the game is intriguing, but early footage looks choppy, which is to be expected from all of the movement. The video quality, though, looks on-par with other broadcast footage.

I can see how player POV could be a nice feature to second-screen when watching games, or for replays of particularly noteworthy moments. I also can see how First V1sion could integrate other tech into the tee, so viewers at home can see stats of their favorite players like heart rate, steps taken, or max speed.

If you want your own First V1sion wearable, you can shoot an email from their website for a quote. Or, if you think it’s the next-big-hit in wearable tech and/or sports broadcasting, you can invest in the company through global funding website, Do note though that First V1sion has already extended its campaign, and while they do have some snazzy ads and a catchy slogan #BeTheBrave, there is still speculation about whether their novel idea will take off big time.

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A Mouthguard That Can Detect Concussions

As I’m sure you very well know, concussions from playing contact sports can be dangerous, especially when players think they are fine and keep going. Luckily, there’s a new sports technology company that wants to help keep you, your friends, and your kids safe when playing a contact sport.

Force Impact Technologies (FIT) is working on a new mouthguard, appropriately called the FITguard, that can not only detect concussion-level impacts but can also push the data about the incident to a smartphone. That way, a coach or parent can check a player for a concussion, even if they want to just brush the hit off and keep playing.

The mouthguard is specifically designed for youth and has different settings based on the user’s age and gender. It also has an easy-to-read color system that changes color based on the force of the hit. Data about the impacts are also uploaded to FIT’s database to help improve the device as time goes on.

According to their website, the FITguard should be available for purchase early this year, but you may be able to beta test the mouthguard even earlier by becoming a Guardian.